A Quiet Place Floatation Spa

New to floating?

Learn how escaping gravity can relax muscles, your body and ease your mind.


Stress at the office

Find your own escape to re-center yourself. Floating is an experience that will change your outlook on what it means to relax!


UV Purification

In addition our 24/7 filtration system, which runs an ozonator, we use an Ultraviolet light purification system.


"Many joint, muscle and especially back problems are alleviated"

“I told my wife, I have NO PAIN, it’s gone. Tears welled as this was the first time in 8 years I do NOT have pain.”

“I like the fact I’m not taking meds anymore [for pain].
For me, That is the biggest benefit of them all.”

"Practically everyone who tries it feels the benefits. And the benefits are cummulative, the more you float the better you actually feel.

"I felt like a new person - totally serene and relaxed. Its feels so good to not feel stressed and this feeling stayed with me for a few days!