Spa Holiday Gift Package

Give us your body for a few hours and we’ll give you back your mind!

Our Holiday Spa package is our most popular offer!

Kiss your stress goodbye with our annual pampering Trifecta! Experience our zero gravity Floatation session followed with a Rejuvenating Therapeutic Massage with warm foot wrap & heated neck pillow then Melt in our NEW Dry Salt Halo Therapy room for a deep respiratory clearing and skin/complexion balancing!

Our Holiday Trifecta package(s) are Priced just right!

$149 Single ($55 savings) or $279 Couples ($129 Savings)

  • 90 Minute Zero gravity Floatation Therapy Session/Cool Lavender Towels and Lavender Fragranced Robes
  • 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Warm Herbal Towel Foot Wrap Treatment and Heated Neck Pillow
  • 30 Minute Dry Salt Halo Therapy opens and Sooth Lung and Sinus airways and improves complexion / Served with Cool Green Tea with Peach overlay

Our Wellness Package/Certificate(s) can be mailed directly, or we can save them in your account to be redeemed anytime. This package never Expire!

Gift Package Single

Gift Certificate Couples