By removing the effects of gravity, flotation tanks allow us to receive tremendously positive effects on both our mental and physical health. And it feels wonderful!

Gravity is something we fight with every day.

Gravity is a pleasure/pain scenario. It’s a constant force in our lives and we need it for many good reasons and yet the cause-effect principle here can be very troublesome for many of us as our bodies struggle to cope with this force despite having been a constant part of our lives.

Gravity’s Effect on Our Body

We tend to not think about it since it’s such a constant, but our bodies are always battling gravity. Whether we’re running, walking, standing, or sitting, there is always a very limited amount of our body that is in contact with the earth. When you’re sitting, nearly all of the pressure is on your rear. While standing, there is tremendous pressure on the spine and soles of the feet.

Gravity, which has been estimated to occupy 90% of all central nervous system activity, is probably the single largest cause of human health problems

This immense pressure on these limited areas causes excessive stress in relatively weak locations of our bodies like knee & hip joints, lower back, neck, abdomen, causing compressed discs, varicose veins, decreased height and other maladies.

Being weightless, even for a short time, is a way to combat this natural force and disconnect from the stresses and tensions of modern-day life