A Quiet Place Floatation Spa has been a conceptual thought or dream of mine for many years.

then, in early 2013 and with the awareness and resurgence for floating throughout the UK and here in the United States, I was easily drawn back and have a closer look at this service, and found that the latest innovations to the Pod technology and new Pod design (s) was all that I needed to open A Quiet Place floatation spa and bring this amazing service to all those who would come to know its benefits.

Now, it’s very simple, when I see the amazing benefits that floating has on people and when I see their radiant faces after they have floated is why I deeply enjoy what I do here. To have the privilege to be able to help those to minimize and or be free from pain I find that language is not the medium to express how fulfilling this work means to me.

Since opening in 2014 the spa has grown to now include Dry Halo Salt Therapy, LED light facials, massage therapy and Infrared sauna detox programs

I am always pleased to pass on my expertise on all aspects of Floatation therapy.

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