Now offering Our Therapeutic Float ~ Massage combo
… For an incredible Mind/Body reset

Experience our 1-hour float/1-hour massage Special here at A Quiet Place!

Floating triggers a deep relaxation response much more profound than normal sleep!

Floating enables us to drift into a serene Alpha/Theta state providing an unparalleled level of relaxation. When combined with our therapeutic massage you will have experienced the most wonderful feeling of Peace and calmness!

Float, shower. Once finished, there will be a robe waiting there for you. Walk a few feet down the hall and lay down in your own private room and receive a 1- hour therapeutic massage from one of our 4 Therapists of your choice!

All our Therapists are California Certified massage therapists who will provide a treatment that is customized to meet your needs.
By appointment only!

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NEW! Couples Chemistry Float Same Pod!!

While floating, you Experience Total Relaxationin a weightless state, freed from gravity.

Both your bodies instantly go into a conscious sleep state! This wonderful euphoric Alpha-Theta state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness! A Peaceful lightness of being washes over you both.

Now you are immersed in pure elevated harmonic- vibrational tones and sounds. The combined Benefits of Floating while immersed in these high frequency joyous sounds has an extraordinary effect on Brainwaves and body chemistry.

These PURE harmonic sounds induce an extremely relaxed meditative state which elevates creativity and other desirable mental states!

The beauty is that you both experience this integration together!

And the happiness felt from your float stays with you throughout the day …

Soulfully Integrating~

$89 / 60 min.