1 Float per month – $59

2 Float per month – $49 per

4 Floats per month – $45 per

floats are 60 minutes

Compounding Floats (per month) are used for extreme pain relief of these corresponding condition(s)

8 to 12

Arthritis Chronic Inflammation/Chronic Stress- Anxiety, PTS/Depression

4 to 6

Arthritis, Acute Inflammation, Acute Stress Anxiety, PTS, Sciatica/Joint-pain

2 to 4

Insomnia, Mid-level stress, Muscle soreness, Joint Pain, Injury prevention

Monthly Memberships: All MEMBERS Floats are 90 minutes in length. You may share your membership with 1 other person (always the same person). Your Credit Card will be stored in our secure system. Each month your card will automatically be charged for the membership you choose and your floats will be added to your Float Account. Floats don’t expire as long as you are an active member. 30-day cancellation notice policy. Can upgrade or downgrade memberships any time for the following month. Membership pricing is for your floats only (excludes gift cards). Best value gained by those who float regularly.

**You can pause your membership once a year for 1-month if needed. If your membership is canceled, you will have 1-month to use any unused floats. All sales are final

Spa Refund & Cancellation Policy Applies.