Asthma Symptoms Continue to Decrease!

After the very first visit to Salt Spa we experienced a notable change in health and well-being. My asthma symptoms continue to decrease. Sam is a cosmetologist for over 40 years with inhaling various chemicals at her salon and the Salt Spa has enabled her to clear the congestion she has endured for so many years and breathe and even regain her sense of smell. We now enjoy a full and blissful night’s sleep without “snoring” or interruptions from coughing. A bonus from the Salt-Spa has been the absence of arthritis pain…the arthritis isn’t cured, but the pain is significantly reduced…thanks to the health benefits of the Salt-Spa sessions.
Vern & Sam

Breathing Better Almost Immediately

I was very excited to hear that there was another alternative treatment for my chronic allergies. I’ve suffered with all year-round allergies for the past 4 to 5 years and have been dependent on allergy medication. After having only one treatment in the salt room, I noticed that I was starting to have a lot of drainage. I was breathing better almost immediately. I have since had another treatment and is breathing better and better every day. I would recommend this to any adult or child with chronic all year-round allergies like mine!
Paula S

Helping with my Psoriasis

Love going to a salt session. It is really helping with my psoriasis and I am able to breathe so much better after!

Dramatic increase in my ability to breathe

Dramatic increase in my ability to breathe halfway through the first session I noticed a dramatic increase in my ability to breathe. 8 sessions later and I no longer need to use my inhaler when I work out! Oh, and my sinus infection is gone. This place rocks!

Really seeing a difference

I am really seeing a difference in my respiratory condition after only three sessions! My sinus headache and ringing in my ears was gone without medication after just a couple of hours after one of my sessions. I also have more energy and love how relaxed I feel afterwards.

Loved it!

Loved it, within 5 minutes of being in the salt room I could breathe and feel so much better, it’s also helping with my acne!

Rachael, Eddie, Adelene, Caden

My family and I love this place! My daughter and I went for the first time with a persistent cough, but after just one treatment the cough was gone. I can’t recommend this place enough to anyone looking for a more natural holistic treatment approach. My children have not had to go to the pediatrician all winter, and I believe that the Salt Spa is the reason. On a side note, the facials are also by far the best I’ve experienced.
Rachael, Eddie, Adelene, Caden