The float session

Floating is one of the simplest activities around with many benefits and incentives. You don’t need to prepare in any way before coming for your floatation session – it’s that easy! Just come ready to relax and float away…

We provide everything you’ll need for the float session, including:

  • Spacious private rooms with shower.
  • Big, fluffy, fresh towels and hand towels.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Bathing cap.
  • Organic shampoo and soap.
  • A room for hair drying complete with blow dryers.
  • Bottled water.
  • Herbal tea.
  • Underwater sound therapy.
  • Underwater light therapy.

Of course, you can also bring your own things if you wish. The only items you do need to remember are your usual post-shower products (deodorant, skin creams and so on). You can wear a swimsuit if you like but it is not necessary because each Pod is in its own private room with changing area. It also has its own invigorating power shower for use before and after the session.

In the pod experience


Upon entering the pod the automatic sensors will start your full 60 minute float session. The lights remain on until you turn them off. The water is heated to skin temperature 94-95 degrees F, and even though it is only 10 inches deep, it contains 1,000 pounds of our USP medical grade Epsom salt. This is the reason you are able to float on the surface. After 10 minutes you will see that this will feel very natural to you.

Music will begin as soon as you enter the Pod. Music lasts 10 minutes in the beginning followed by silence and 5 minutes at the end of your session. It will take a while for your brain to settle down, but the music is designed to distract you from your own thoughts.

Climb into the Pod and lie back gently, the buoyancy will lift you up. It is difficult to gauge how relaxed you are while floating, but you will notice afterward! Clients with sports injuries or back pain experience some discomfort in the early stages. One’s brain focuses on even minor sensations due to a complete lack of “feeling” elsewhere. Keep relaxed and the aches and pains will drift away. RELAX! Your body and head are completely supported by the water. You do not need to force you head up and you are in no danger of rolling over. Try touching the bottom of the pods with your hands…it is very difficult.

For experienced floaters or those who meditate we can silence the Pod for you. Please do not become frustrated if it takes your mind a bit to settle down as everyone experiences this at first. It is a good idea to simply “Watch your breath” flow in and out and in a few minutes of doing this you will relax the mind! The real benefits are usually noticed after the session is complete and over the next few days.

Remember you are in a private room, so you can leave the pod lid open if you wish (you may feel a chill if you leave it open the entire hour), alternatively you can prop it partially open with your towel, rolled up. You might want to leave the pod’s interior light on. (Switch is inside the Pod and easy to reach).

Remember that you are in dense salt water so do wipe your eyes with your hands. We provide a soft hand towel for this reason.

A bottle of fresh water is also provided to you as you float should you get thirsty during the session.

We will see you here,
Richard Fraccalvieri