Happy customers

“A Quiet Place. There couldn’t have been a better name for this – literally and figuratively. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what this thing could do or what it was supposed to do. All the anxiety disappeared as soon as I met Richard – this kind gentleman is a guide with a genuine spirit and a soothing aura. Richard is a good man with an honest and loving heart, and he opens his arms warmly to all, regardless of background, beliefs, or creed. He wants to help people and provide an experience that will definitely calm the soul and elevate you. The entire establishment is generous with their time and service – never putting you in an uncomfortable or rushed state. I have gone twice, and I can tell that it’s done a solid service for me, both spiritually and physically, by giving us a piece of something we all need every now and then – a quiet place.”

– Ernest H.
Escondido, CA

“What can I say I have never ever had anything so natural and relaxing to make me feel better I called Richard at 12 Noon told him I have a migraine he was concerned the I could not drive because my migraines are blinding and a dark room is where I stay but I put on my sunglasses and drove down he got me in a POD at 2:30 I live about 2 miles from the Quiet place so that is nice but I must say this is my to go place when I’m in pain or have a migraine. When you walk thru the door you know you are in the right place Richard sits you down and reclines your recliner and gets you some tea to relax while he cleans the room as this place is busy I floated 2 Weeks ago too so this was not my first time love love love this place. I would stay in longer but 90 min is good

This is the Pod you get in it has a 1000 lbs of Epsom salts in there with mediating music and you float you can’t sink I went in with a migraine and went to sleep for a hour and a half when you close the Pod lights off and you float in warm water helps with my fibromyalgia and my pain best thing ever you feel like a new person when you get out and this place is not all about the float Pods Richard relaxes you when you walk thru total ZEN.”

– Donna D.
San Marcos, CA

“Today was my first time doing flotation and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Overall, it ended up being a great experience. The owner is very kind and pampers you with special teas before and after. They provided the highest quality soaps and shampoos in the showers and explained the whole process. It was very peaceful and relaxing floating around with music playing through the water. I was told to bring a towel and a bathing suit and they provided ear plugs which worked perfectly. Would definitely recommend trying it!”

– Jane N.
Carlsbad, CA

“What an experience! And completely different from what I thought it was going to be. Initially, my boyfriend and I wanted to try this out because we both have been under a lot of stress. He (being a former combat marine) suffers from PTSD so I figured it’d be a perfect birthday present. I’ve always been one who gravitates towards things like this. Meditation (or so I thought), massages, ambient music, herbal and aromatherapy, and any holistic treatment to find inner peace. Being the type of person who often keeps her thoughts inside, I thought, “Well this will be easy and relaxing! I love sitting in the dark in my room gathering my thoughts, and coupled with ambient music and floating, I’ll be able to drift off into my thoughts no problem! This will be the ultimate relaxation!” Well… I was wrong. Initially, I found it such a different experience than I thought it’d be. I felt very alone and scared. I found it extremely difficult to focus on my breathing and started having a lot of anxiety feeling closed in on my thoughts and hearing nothing but my heart beat. I tried letting go of my thoughts and they kept coming back. I couldn’t take it anymore, and got out after maybe 20 min. Richard was so sweet and caring. I wrapped a towel around myself and broke down in tears. I told him how I was having a really hard time relaxing. He turned the music on for me and gave me some kind of chamomile drops in my tongue. He told me that the feelings I was having are normal, and my body is trying to let go of the stress, from wherever and whenever it’s buried deep down in there. Finally, I was able to relax for a good half hour, until my mind started wandering again. Then I couldn’t float anymore. I sat in a fetal position inside the tank for the rest of the experience (total hour and a half). Towards the end of my float experience, I began feeling defeated and disappointed in myself. “Why was this so hard for me?? I’m so good at this stuff!” I kept thinking. So then the session finished, and my boyfriend and I sat in the waiting area to debrief with Richard. I was happy to know my boyfriend LOVED it and felt relaxation throughout (especially towards the end of his experience). I was nearly in tears telling them both how disappointed I was in myself for how I couldn’t handle it. Richard was so nice and spent over an hour talking to both of us about meditation and how difficult it can be. He said my experience was normal, and my body was very quickly releasing something very big. I didn’t give it a chance to because I was too scared this time around. But this experience made me realize a lot about myself and how important it is to find peace in this crazy world. I appreciate Richard for many reasons. One, he took our appointment last minute and at the end of the day. Also, rather than rushing is afterwards, he took a lot of quality time and sat with us going over everything. We both were so moved and awe-stricken by this place, we will be signing up for another 4 sessions. We live in Temecula, but don’t mind driving to this place because the facility, tanks, and most of all… service is phenomenal! Thank you Richard!”

– Katie F.
Temecula, CA

“Been here twice now. Absolutely an experience! I have such a hard time unwinding, floating is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.

I am a hairstylist so have the typical shoulder and neck problems. I also do weight training and neglect rolling and stretching, needless to say my muscles are tight and I have various minor injuries. This is incredibly healing, soothing and allows me complete mental shut down.
Richard, is such a genuinely kind soul. He goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and to make sure you fully experience floating. Incredibly knowledgeable regarding the benefits. He even takes the time to share personal knowledge regarding natural supplements and healing techniques.

Establishment is super clean and has a lovely aura. Calming, soothing, healing.”

– Rebeca R.
Oceanside, CA

“I had no idea how I would feel about this experience but once I found a groupom for this place I thought I would give it a shot and if I hate it I didnt waste too much money. I actually took two months before I booked this appt, after purchase. Upon arrival the owner set me up on his recliner and handed me a cup of chammomile tea. I watched a short intro video that answered all my questions and anxieties. By the time its over I felt much more comfortable with the process.

Upon entering your private room, you take a quick rinse shower. The room is spotless and well sanetized between each client. After that you slide into the water pod with ease and automatically it eases you into a float position. After youre in and relaxed the lights go off and the music starts. It took me a good 20 minutes to get out of my head and stop thinking about my surroundings. After that you feel nothing, like youre floating on a cloud. Once the hour is up the lights come on very dimly arousing you from your slumber/meditation. You then proceed to take a shower to rinse off all the salt, and he provides shampoo for youre hair.

After you get dressed you go back out to the reception area where he has you sit and prop your feet up again, while he serves you an iced refreshing green tea. Thats when you relax, pay, take your time going back out into society again. Believe me you want that transition time… well did I like it? Enough to yelp it five stars and make a commitment to do it once a month.”

– Wendy H.
San Marcos, CA

“Great vibes , amazing energy! Clean and soothing environment! I will definitely be back. The Owner was very friendly and accommodating.”

– Sarah S.
Los Angeles, CA

“Seriously so amazing! Something different but totally worth trying!! I have really bad anxiety & get scared so easily. I was just a little worried I would be claustrophobia but within a couple of minutes I calmed myself down & realized how amazing it was. The owner had told me a couple things to repeat in my head to prevent from getting scared & it really worked! I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay in the whole time but before I knew it the light came on letting me know my time was up. After then I realized I wasn’t asleep but just wasn’t thinking about anything for such a long time. Couldn’t believe I was actually meditating because I usually take an hour to fall asleep every night due to mind going a different places. After wards felt even better. Highly recommend to try something different then a typical spa!”

– Veronica L.
Oceanside, CA

“Brought a group on for float and was not to sure what to expect. Richard the owner was very welcoming and is truly a down to earth guy very humble. After my hour in the float I came out relaxed clear and free. I have not relaxed like that or stayed still for that long in a very long time. I will definitely be visiting Richard again. Highly recommend this to anyone.”

– Ritchie B.
Carlsbad, CA

“My aunt bought my hubby and I a session. I am so happy she did! I am 20 weeks pregnant and the deep relaxation I experienced was truly amazing. The owner Richard explained everything thoroughly where I had complete confidence of what to expect. The facility is very tranquil and clean. The owner will make sure you are taken care of. My recommendation is to use the little float pillow in with your pod, it gives some extra neck support for deeper relaxation 🙂”

– Sherie P.
Newport Beach, CA