1 Float per month – $59

2 Float per month – $49 per

4 Floats per month – $45 per

Our members receive a 30 – minute bonus every time they float!
When you float once per month for 90 minutes– your body would have detoxed 12 times over the course of 1-year. THIS IS HUGE!! And all you do is float!


4 Float Pak – $200/$50 per

8 Float Pak – $360/$45 per

12 Float Pak – $480/$40 per

Floats sessions are 60 minutes – expires after 1 year from purchase

Single and couples first time floats

Individual Float $59/ 60 min. session

Couples float non-member $118 / 60 min. session

NEW! Couples Chemistry float – Same Pod $89 / 60 min.

While floating, you will both Experience Total Relaxation in a weightless state, freed from gravity!

Both your bodies instantly go into a conscious sleep state! This wonderful euphoric Alpha-Theta state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness!

A Peaceful lightness of being washes over you both while being immersed in pure elevated harmonic- vibrational tones and sounds.

The combined Benefits of Floating while immersed in these high frequency joyous sounds has an extraordinary effect on Brainwaves and body chemistry.

These PURE harmonic sounds induce an extremely relaxed meditative state which elevates creativity and other desirable mental states!

The beauty is that you both experience this integration together!
And the happiness felt from your float stays with you throughout the day …

Soulfully Integrating~

$89 / 60 min.

I understand that this may be a lot of content but important to the couples considering as it creates a beautiful visual mental picture and fortunately for us this buy option