Floating is the most relaxing thing you’ll experience for your body and mind.

Habitual clients and advocates of sensory deprivation will tell you that the longer you float the better it gets and the more your body rebuilds.
In the Isolation Tank, there is no need to fight gravity or deal with sensory input, allowing your body to reallocate that energy. Some people float to relieve stress, significantly reduce anxiety, some to eliminate chronic pain, others fight addiction and all experience true relaxation, allowing muscles to fully release and expedite recovery.

In the tank you don’t need to analyze the world around you consequently great things begin to happen. Your brain produces increased levels of dopamine and endorphins (the neurotransmitters of happiness and well being) while unwanted Cortisol levels (the main chemical component of stress) drop. Frequent floating has shown no sign of diminishing returns, meaning that the more you float the better it gets. Below are some of those benefits and supporting studies.

Deep Relaxation

The lack of sensory input has an amazing effect on the nervous system. Floating affects the brain by greatly reducing the “fight or flight” chemical known as Cortisol. This reduces stress while elevating the “happy” neurotransmitters in the brain. The body’s circulation is increased while blood pressure and heart rate are reduced. Furthermore, the elimination of gravity on the body allows muscles and joints to release tension and heal more rapidly. For this reason, people suffering from musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions have found relief.

One hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep
Floating helps to eliminate jet lag and fatigue
A float session promotes a sense of general Well Being often called the “Post Float Glow”

Chronic Pain / Pain Management

Research on Floating has indicated pain relief for back and neck pain, pain from injury, inflammation, bursitis, fibromyalgia and psychosomatic pain. Further, the relief has been shown to continue after getting out of the tank.

Floatation therapy allows the spine to lengthen and pressure to be removed from the joints while enabling greater blood flow to reach affected areas of the body. Increased levels of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) are released into the blood stream helping to block the transmission of pain signals at the level of nerve cells.

Sports Performance / Recovery & Visualization

Athletes use floatation to improve their performance, to speed their recovery from the stress of peak output, and virtually eliminate fatigue, and “post race letdown” from competitions. The relaxation benefits from the weightlessness contributes to a decrease in the stress-related fight or flight chemicals and virtually eliminates lactic acid build up and other fatigue-producing toxins allowing the body to recover to peak efficiency and strength for the next go around.

Floating has been shown to accelerate recovery from the stress of competitions and eliminate post-competition letdown.

What normally takes a long period of time, usually days for recovery from a strenuous event like a marathon – the float tank compresses into a number of hours. By relieving the stresses of gravity, floating takes the weight off strained bones, joints and muscles, and increases the efficiency of the blood circulating through the body.

Inside the tank you are provided with a pitch black canvass and no one is around to tell you how to paint. As the brain enters the theta state, it becomes more open to suggestion. The central nervous system can essentially be trained to produce the ‘perfect performance’. The technique has been used by members of Olympic teams for many years in countries such as Australia, Europe and America. Well-known athletes like Carl Lewis have attributed part of their success to visualization within the float tank. Experts from sporting and medical institutions have carried out research in controlled experiments. The quantifiable results have even led some to claim that an hour in the float tank using visualization and imagery is better than 10 hours of repetitive field practice.

NFL teams have improved performance and coordination through visualizing, lawyers act out their opening statements, mixed martial artists imagine their victories. Whether you’re looking to take a few strokes off your golf game, plot out a business strategy, become acquainted with your deep self or envision your dream life the Isolation tank is the best environment for this practice. Side effects may include increases in concentration, confidence and poise.


Float Tanks are a near perfect environment for deeper Meditation. People who have been meditating for years have said that the float tank is an excellent environment to move them to a profoundly deeper meditative state in a shorter period of time. Float Tanks help to activate Theta brainwaves which are known for vivid imagery and creative inspiration.

Theta State

While in the Theta State, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and personal growth.
Although a typical float tank therapeutic session lasts 60 to 90 minutes, in as little as 20 minutes, in some cases the person floating can achieve an “induced meditative state” which could take many years in meditation practice to achieve.” Reaching this state can then lead to “a transition from beta or alpha brainwaves to theta – which typically occurs briefly before sleep and again at waking” Theta offers access to unconscious materials, allows for freer associations, sudden insights and bouts of creativity.

Right Brain Function

Research into brainwaves indicates that floating increases Right Brain function (the creative hemisphere – the seat of those flashes if insight – those Eureka moments!)

Top executives and entrepreneurs have used float tanks as a source of innovation

Research into the brain waves of the two hemispheres of floaters indicates that floating increases right-brain function. Thomas Budzynski, who was engaged in EEG measurement of the hemispheres under varying conditions, made it clear that, “In a float condition, left-hemisphere faculties are somewhat suspended and the right hemisphere ascends in dominance.” The tank does not block or inhibit the left hemisphere, but simply changes its role from one of dominance to one of partnership with the other hemisphere, enabling floaters to use all their mental powers. Synchronization of brain waves, hemispheric harmony, is one explanation for the great increase of productivity, performance, and efficiency, and the generalized feelings of competence, confidence, and wholeness experienced by floaters.Absorption of Magnesium

High concentration of Epsom salts are absorbed through skin and can replenish that mineral which has been shown to be deficient in many. Magnesium can prevent cardiovascular disease, regulate high blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, relieve menopause symptoms, provide PMS relief and create healthier bones and teeth.