Extremely Sanitary

High-level POD Sanitization
and Spa Hygienic

Our float pods are Sanitized per the requirements and guidelines set forth by the US Float Tank Standard Sanitation and Safety Regulating Committee.
Our state of the art purification system removes particles to 5 microns (5/100th a human hair).

Our Pod filtration process runs 24/7 with the exception when being used. After which, each Pod filtration process completes at minimum 3 turnovers between each user session.

Each Pod room maintains a daily log for each of their float Pods, recording:
  • Water Level (minimum of 12”) with Water Temperature (ideal range 93.5˚-95.2˚ F)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (in ppm) – Min-Max: 20-100, Ideal Range: 30-40
  • UV Ultraviolet Light
  • Specific Gravity (1.24-1.28)
  • pH (7.2-7.6)
  • Total Alkalinity (80-120ppm)
  • Each Pod and shower is maintained between every use. Showers are disinfected and wiped down with Hydrogen Peroxide and tee tree oil which are both amazing anti-bacteria, fungus, Viral and mucosal deterrents.
  • Dissolved in the spa water is 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. The salt maintains a bacteria-free environment that is a natural disinfectant. Water sample studies conducted by the Industrial Testing Laboratories in New York City have certified that no pathogenic organisms of any kind (bacteria, virus, yeast, mold, etc.) exist in this solution. Additionally, our Pods are meticulously cared for and maintained in pristine condition always. After each use, the entire volume of the solution is completely filtered with a state-of-the-art filtration system, using both ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) light and a Pure Premium Spa Filter Cartridge. The filtration process completes at minimum 3 turnovers between each user session
  • (UV), The world’s leading experts applaud ultraviolet (UV) as a pool disinfection. The Professional Pool Operators of America state that UV is “extremely effective” and is “the strongest oxidizer available to pool operators.
  • All electrical equipment, pump equipment, and disinfection equipment is UL and/or NSF certified. The inside of the tank above the solution line will be cleaned daily with a sterilizer.

What is floatation therapy

Imagine an environment free from gravity, strain, tension, or pain. Imagine if you could Float effortlessly without distractions or unwanted noise. YOU CAN!
Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to truly rest. Floatation Therapy is a special solution of salinated water utilizing 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The buoyancy makes floating on water feel like floating on air. Without any effort, you can relieve pain, heal faster, relax, de-stress, improve sleep and have fun in this unique state. The benefits are staggering; experience the Science of Bliss and feeling GREAT!

Benefits of Floating

There are a number of benefits that come from three elements of flotation therapy:
  1. Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
  2. Weightlessness / Counter-Gravity Stimulation
  3. Meditation / Theta-State

These benefits are vast and varied. They can be present during the float session only, or they can last for an extended period after the session ends.

The intricate interplay of our body and mind has everything to do with living a healthy and happy life. Floating offers an all-natural approach which has been proven to help a wide scope of ailments and offer physical and mental well-being to its practitioners.

Although there are many ‘typical’ or common experiences, many customers have unique responses to their own individual physical and emotional needs. Regardless of the variety of physical and emotional responses, one general rule of thumb stands out, the more you float, the better it gets!


As you might imagine, being in a low-gravity, totally silent, and pitch-black floatation tank gives the body time to relax. While the healing benefits of relaxation have long been documented, the intense relaxation of floatation therapy is unique to the low-gravity environment that floatation tank provides. This environment leads to more profound relaxation, and allows our bodies to recuperate faster and more thoroughly.


The near-weightless environment of floating allows for the muscles and joints of the body to relax, increasing blood flow and helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body. This is especially beneficial for those with injuries or chronic pain.



Being in a low-gravity, totally silent and pitch black environment gives the mind time to relax as well. This mental release is almost the opposite of stress, and allows the brain to stop allocating its resources to processing the experience of all of our senses, producing profoundly positive mental effects and releasing a surge of positive neurochemicals. Studies have shown the use of floatation therapy to be extremely beneficial for relaxation and mental health.


The lack of external stimuli is extremely rare in modern society. In the floatation environment, without the hustle and bustle of the world imposing itself, people experience a profound calmness of mind. This respite from the world allows for stress management, offers the psychological benefits of a feeling of inner peace, and is a perfect complement to many alternative well-ness regimens.


Your first FLOAT

Preparing for Your Float
It’s easy to REST, but we do make several recommendations to ensure your float is the best it can be, every time!
The Day of Your Float:
  • New clients need to arrive 30 minutes before appointment time. (Those who arrive late will need to reschedule—this is to preserve the quietness and integrity of all our floats, which we start simultaneously.)
  • Avoid shaving, tanning, waxing—or anything else that would increase the sensitivity of your skin.
  • We provide Vaseline in each Pod Suite to protect any small cuts and grazes from stinging!
  • Hair color needs to be “set” before coming in to float (your shower water is running completely clear). Please reschedule if it is not.
  • We encourage clients to avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours before floating for the most relaxing experience.
  • Females experiencing their menstrual cycle the day of their float MUST reschedule their appointments—thank you!
  • Because floating is so relaxing, if you come on an empty stomach, you may be distracted by stomach grumbles.
  • We recommend eating something small prior to your float, but allowing at least 30 minutes to digest before your appointment.

What to Bring:

  • There’s a lot of salt in our float spas. Thus, it is best to avoid wearing your “best clothes”. We recommend comfortable garments that are easy to change in and out of.
  • We provide spa sandals, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a prep room with blow dryers, lotions, q-tips, etc.
  • We encourage clients to float nude for the greatest experience—each room is private and features its own shower and changing area. Of course, feel free to bring a swimsuit if you prefer.
  • Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to float.


What if I’m Claustrophobic

We pride ourselves on providing an experience in which all guests can be comfortable experiencing flotation therapy.

Guests are in complete control of their Float Pod lid, which may be left open, partially open or closed. Each Pod features a multi-colored LED light which is in the total control of the guest. A selection of music options—including the option to bring your own music are available for each session.
Each Float Pod also features a 2-way intercom connecting to the front desk should you need help or have any concerns in your session.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask your Float Consultant for assistance!

Can I safely fall asleep/ is there a risk of drowning?

We encourage clients to relax and release any worries of dozing off while in the Float Pod. Each Float Pod contains just 10 inches of highly salinated water—thus, it is not required that guests know how to swim. This solution supports you no matter how you might toss and turn in the Float Pod.

Though it is difficult to accidentally flip onto your belly in the tank, if this occurred the extremely high salt concentration (1,000 lbs.) immediately causes discomfort in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Will my face wrinkle

The high level of Epsom Salts in each Float Pod actually prevents the skin from wrinkling! It will, however, leave your skin silky smooth.

What can I expect on my first visit?

We’re so excited you’re coming to float with us!

New clients need to arrive 15 minutes before appointment time—this allows time to complete paperwork, watch our Intro to Floating video and be given a through tour of the spa and your Pod suite.
Those who arrive late will need to reschedule—this is to preserve the quietness and integrity of all our floats, which we start simultaneously.

All you need to bring are:
  • Yourself
  • Your towel (or grab one from the location)
  • Brush or comb if needed
  • We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, q-tips and blow dryers.

How is the water cleaned?

Our Float Spa complies with stringent health and safety regulations. The water in the Float Pod is likely the most pristine you have ever been in!

The water in each Float Pod is mostly salt—a solution which is inherently sterile. After each float, and anytime the Pod is not in use, our state of the art purification system purifies the water.
Between each session every Float Pod’s water is completely purified 4 times with a 5-micron filter and both Ozone and UV Light technology to purify and disinfect the water. Read more about the benefits of Ozone and UV as purifiers,

Our high standards and commitment to cleanliness ensures that each client will experience a pristine pod and suite for each float. We use state of the art methods of purification which keep all of our Pods’ water squeaky clean for each and every guest. The cleanliness of the water in a Float Pod is a common concern—and an entirely valid one!

What tools do we use to provide pristine water?

Pod Purification:

We utilize both UV (ultraviolet) and Ozone treatment in our Float Pods, both of which run constantly when the pod is not in use, and after each float session.

All water in the Pod is turned through our purification systems three and a half times, ensuring that not a drop is overlooked.

We like to keep it natural—both UV and Ozone are derived straight from the incredible power of nature. Ozone is responsible for the fresh smell in the air that follows a thunderstorm; it’s a byproduct of lightning bolts. UV traditionally comes from the sun; whose rays beam down on the planet and sustain life.

What’s so great about Ozone and UV? Here’s a summary of why we chose these two powerhouse methods for maintaining flawless pod water.


Ozone, also known as O3 is comprised of 3 oxygen atoms. O3 is unstable—which makes it release one of its atoms. This released atom becomes a free radical (an atom with “stray” unpaired electron which is left seeking something to bond with).

What does this free radical bond with? Anything unwanted in the water! As soon as Ozone comes in contact with anything foreign it is quickly oxidized, and thus purified.

It has been found that Ozone is 50 times more powerful then chlorine, while also killing bacteria 3,000 times faster than it. Ozone eliminates bacteria, mold and yeast, as well as organic material and viruses—while not removing dissolved minerals, such as the 1,200 pounds of Epsom Salt that is in your pod!

Ozone treatment also leaves zero odor, and reverts to pure oxygen, leaving no trace.

Ultraviolet (UV):

The sun is nothing short of incredible, and the power of its ultraviolet rays are no exception. Many of earth’s inhabitants, such as us, have an outer covering (skin) which allows us to tolerate a certain amount of the sun’s power; bacteria, viruses and molds, on the other hand, have a very low tolerance for UV rays.

UV works to purify by damaging cellular DNA—when anything undesirable in the pod meets these purifying rays, they are killed. UV treatment protects against viruses (including Hepatitis, which is resistant to chlorine), molds and bacteria’s.

Once again, no chemicals are needed and no byproducts or odors are left behind, leaving our water clean but unadulterated.

Epsom Salt:

You’ve probably heard: each Float Pod contains a whopping 1,200 lbs. of Epsom Salt—making for a solution that is nearly 100% sterile right from the start! There’s so much salt in each pod that if we added much more the water would start to crystallize.

Float assured, your Float Pod’s water might just be the purest water you’ve ever experienced!
Combining the power of Ozone, UV and a whole lot of Epsom Salt—we pride ourselves in the quality of our water, and look forward to seeing you soon to experience it.

What if I get salt in my eyes?

It happens to the best of us. You can avoid this momentary discomfort best by avoiding touching your face with your hands during your session.

However, if salt finds its way into your eyes we do provide a squirt bottle full of fresh water in each Float Pod. Many locations also provide a face towel to bring into your float for any need that may require touching the face mid-float.


Wendy H.
San Marcos, CA

I had no idea how I would feel about this experience but once I found a groupom for this place I thought I would give it a shot and if I hate it I didnt waste too much money. I actually took two months before I booked this appt, after purchase. Upon arrival the owner set me up on his recliner and handed me a cup of chammomile tea. I watched a short intro video that answered all my questions and anxieties. By the time its over I felt much more comfortable with the process.

Upon entering your private room, you take a quick rinse shower. The room is spotless and well sanetized between each client. After that you slide into the water pod with ease and automatically it eases you into a float position. After youre in and relaxed the lights go off and the music starts. It took me a good 20 minutes to get out of my head and stop thinking about my surroundings. After that you feel nothing, like youre floating on a cloud. Once the hour is up the lights come on very dimly arousing you from your slumber/meditation. You then proceed to take a shower to rinse off all the salt, and he provides shampoo for youre hair.

After you get dressed you go back out to the reception area where he has you sit and prop your feet up again, while he serves you an iced refreshing green tea. Thats when you relax, pay, take your time going back out into society again. Believe me you want that transition time… well did I like it? Enough to yelp it five stars and make a commitment to do it once a month.

Sarah S.
Los Angeles, CA

Great vibes , amazing energy! Clean and soothing environment! I will definitely be back. The Owner was very friendly and accommodating.

Veronica L.
Oceanside, CA

Seriously so amazing! Something different but totally worth trying!! I have really bad anxiety & get scared so easily. I was just a little worried I would be claustrophobia but within a couple of minutes I calmed myself down & realized how amazing it was. The owner had told me a couple things to repeat in my head to prevent from getting scared & it really worked! I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay in the whole time but before I knew it the light came on letting me know my time was up. After then I realized I wasn’t asleep but just wasn’t thinking about anything for such a long time. Couldn’t believe I was actually meditating because I usually take an hour to fall asleep every night due to mind going a different places. After wards felt even better. Highly recommend to try something different then a typical spa!

Ritchie B.
Carlsbad, CA

Brought a group on for float and was not to sure what to expect. Richard the owner was very welcoming and is truly a down to earth guy very humble. After my hour in the float I came out relaxed clear and free. I have not relaxed like that or stayed still for that long in a very long time. I will definitely be visiting Richard again. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Sherie P.
Newport Beach, CA

My aunt bought my hubby and I a session. I am so happy she did! I am 20 weeks pregnant and the deep relaxation I experienced was truly amazing. The owner Richard explained everything thoroughly where I had complete confidence of what to expect. The facility is very tranquil and clean. The owner will make sure you are taken care of. My recommendation is to use the little float pillow in with your pod, it gives some extra neck support for deeper relaxation 🙂